Ta Level 3

The TA would ensure all instruments are ready and in good working order for the planned lesson and unlikely to cause any injury to anyone, the children should be supervised while using the instruments to check they are being held correctly and being used appropriately. The TA should be a good role model in demonstrating how to hold and use the instrument, whilst supporting any children who appear to be having difficulties. The TA should be able to monitor the children’s ability to follow instructions and use the instruments and what the learning outcome of the lesson was. After the lesson the instruments should be cleaned and checked for any faults and put back in the appropriate place, any faulty items should be given to the correct person to repair.
  1. The TA would prepare all the equipment to be used before the lesson starts, the teacher should decide what the TA’s role is in the organizing of the learning environment. The TA should check that the equipment, learning resources and materials are in good working order and there would be no safety hazards while in use. The TA should always ensure a clean and tidy environment for the teacher and pupils, and assist the teacher with the presentation and displaying of the pupils work, so it is also important to keep an accurate inventory of the material and resources. All materials, equipment and learning resources should be put away in the correct place once finished with, checking the quality remains the same. Any faults should be reported to the correct person. Pupils should be encouraged to recycle as much waste materials as possible. The TA should also be aware of the location of the safety equipment and make sure it is within reach of the learning environment.
  2. The TA should make sure the all the learning equipment, resources and materials are used within the manufacturer’s recommendations and are used by the schools health and safety policy. The TA should also ensure that the learning environment is...