Ta Level 3 Unit 303

TA level 3
Unit 303 Supporting learning activities

Explain how might a learning support practitioner contribute to learning activities?
Support for planning and preparation.
To be effective in supporting learning activities the learning support practitioner must be aware of the teaching planning for the week ahead .Any resources required can be gathered in advance of a lesson so all is ready and in place and therefore delay in starting the lesson is kept to a minimum. There is always photocopying of worksheets etc. to be done and stuck into children’s books .If the LSP is aware of all this it can be done prior to the lesson and there is a smoother flow of the lesson. Awareness of planning can also include the LSP collecting together new guided reading books for children from the library as this can be a lengthy process. Knowing what is planned and needed for each lesson enables the LSP to spend more time in the classroom supporting the teacher and pupils.

Support for delivery
During delivery of a lesson I sit so I can see all the children on the carpet. I can then be aware of the children who are fiddling around or being disruptive. I will let those children know that I am watching them via silent gestures so as not to disrupt the flow of the lesson. If a child looks puzzled I would check with them after the delivery from the teacher and try to re–explain in a more simple form to ensure that they understand. I would make use of resources e.g. whiteboards to demonstrate examples, other methods of working out numeracy problems e.g. cubes, number lines/grids. I would continually ask the children if they understand and try to be clear and concise in my support. If needed I would also check with the teacher and other TA’s we are all following the same guidelines to help with continuity.

Support for evaluation for teacher and pupils
The LSP is in the classroom to help the teacher and the pupils. The LSP is there to encourage independence...