Ta Assignment 1

Teaching Assistant Diploma Course
Questions on Assignment One
Name: Lauren Manley
Student Number: s92783

  1. The role of a Teaching Assistant is to maximise learning by supporting the Teacher and helping to make more time available for the Teacher to teach, create a safe and positive learning environment for the children and minimise behaviour problems.   The ways in which I would be able to contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play the percussion are:
  * I would prepare and maintain the learning environment by finding a suitable and safe area for the equipment to be set up in. I would ensure that the environment has all the available equipment and be clean and tidy for the children.
  * When preparing the learning environment I would ensure that all the instruments that are due to be used, are in suitable working order. I would make sure there is a display board showing the instruments that will be used in the lesson, putting the name next to each instrument, making it clear and easily readable.
  * Prior to the lesson, I would learn and gather knowledge about the equipment being used; this will then provide enthusiasm and motivation for the children, as with good preparation it will provide a calm environment. This also helps to show that I am a good role model, that the children can come to if they need help. I would make and organise necessary materials prior to lesson, and make sure there are enough materials available.
  * During the lesson I would be helping any children who are struggling, however I would also be giving the children praise in order to help motivate them and build their confidence on the specific task.
  * During the lesson I will observe the children, taking down notes, and trying not to disrupt their activities. This will then be given to the Teacher at the end of the lesson as feedback.
  * While observing the lesson, I will be monitoring to see if there is any disruptive...