Ta 3 24+ Question 2a

Governors - Having a role of a school governor is a very demanding job, but also a rewarding one.   The governors are responsible for working with the school making sure that it delivers quality education.

Working alongside the head teacher they are responsible for the general daily management of the school and they also set the aims and policies.

Senior management - Senior Management, also known as SMT is usually made up of the head, deputy head, and in some cases, depending f the size of the school, the team can be bigger.

The role of the Senior Management Team is to set the direction f the school and manage it, lead all changes that occur and make sure the school is doing the best it can for the children that attend.

Senco - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.   All mainstream schools must appoint a teacher to be SENCO for the day to day operation of the school Special Educational Needs policy.

The SENCO will co-ordinate additional support for children with special needs.   They are responsible for requesting the help of other proffesionals for children receiving support.   This also includes all assessments, admin and parental support.

Teachers - Teachers have a direct impact on children, they educate them to give them knowledge ensuring a better future for them.

Not only do teachers plant, prepare and present lessons, they motivate, maintain discipline and provide feedback to parents and carers of a childs progress.

Teaching Assistant - TA's are generally under the direction of the class teacher.   The teaching assistant is just that, to assist the teacher.

TA's sometimes assist individual children and also groups, helping to achieve the most out of their learning.   They assist in setting up equipment ready for lessons.

The TA also helps children who require that little extra support to complete some tasks if the are finding it difficult. The TA will also listen to children reading, and log and record the progress of the child...