T.a Uint 15

unit 15
1.1 The importance of health and saftey and security in learning environments
It is important to make sure you follow health and saftey in the school setting, because children can end up with minor injury's or a major injury to the child or other adults. So you should allways follow health and saftey for example a minor acident could happen if you have not tucked a chair ib propley they could trip over it and get a bruse or maybe a carpet burn, but this could also become a serious accident if the child trips over it they could hit their head very hard on the table or the floor, which may result in a cut on the head that is bleading or it could knock them unconscious. If you had made sure it was tucked in then these accident would have been avioded, this should be covered by the health and saftey policy with in yor school.   Security is very important to follow aswell because if a stranger comes in to the school and they do not have what your policey for your school states for visitors in the school. If they do not have this then you should politely take them to one side that is away from the children as possible and ask why they are their it is important that you do this as they may have valued reason for being their but they may not if they have not then you should follow the school's procidure for this, if you has not donr this becasue you thought that some else would pull them but no one dose it could end up with a child be taken or abused by this person. So it is of upmost   importence that you follow you follow the school's policey and procidures so that none of these sitution arise.
1.3 Potential hazards in the learning environment and take action to minimise risks
All pupils are entitled to a safe and surcure enviroment. Their are things which can not make this possiable some of the potential hazards could be:
Chairs not that are not in use not being tucked in which can cause a child to trip over.
Warter spillage on the floor either from filling...