Szs Oil Fired Steam Boiler Manufacturer


SZS Oil fired Steam Boiler Manufacturer

SZS Oil fired Steam Boiler Manufacturer is one of the leading China SZS double drums horizontal oil-fired steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers, we are selling energy-saving and environmental SZS double drums D type horizontal oil-fired steam boiler, water tube steam boiler, oil-fired steam boiler, double drums steam boiler. Our top level China factory is able to produce cheap SZS double drums horizontal room burning oil-fired steam boiler with good quality. If you are looking for mainland or checking price, please feel free to contact us, we have products for sale, and you can also wholesale products from us.

SZS Packaged Oil Fired Steam Boiler Introduction

This series of boilers is a typical double drums longitudinal ā€œDā€ type package water-tube boiler. It consists of steam and water drum, membrane wall,super-heater,convection bank and economizer.The burner is laid out at the front wall. When fuel has been burned inside of the furnace, the smoke goes through the super-heater and economizer and finally goes to the chimney.This product is in compact structure, occupying less area and has good flame-overflow. It takes lower support to allow it could expand freely. Both the furnace water wall and convective duct   adopt membrane wall structure.This structure has good tightness and could effectively reduce the amount of fire bricks and maintenance load.The external packing uses colour steel plate with beautiful appearance. Its fully-automatic combustor has high burning efficiency and ignition control program. It also has over pressure and flame-out protective functions. It takes package structure to shorten installation period.

ZG as SZS D type oil fired water tube boiler manufacturer in China, provide small size oil fired boiler and...