System of Discipline in the Classroom

System of Discipline
Tyler Folkins
May 8, 2011
EDU 377

Many people believe that in a classroom setting, the teacher is the one who has overall control of the environment and the procedures that occur in it.   However, in my opinion, the proper discipline method is one where students and teachers work together to determine the expectations for the classroom, and also to determine the behaviours that we deem appropriate in a classroom setting.   As teachers, it is our responsibility to motivate and encourage our students to develop into successful, positive, well-rounded individuals, as such the students should be in the positions to make their own choices about their behaviours and in turn have partial control over the classroom setting.
This is the reason why I believe that the best way to achieve a strong and significant relationship between teacher and students is to have students in the position to choose to behave in an appropriate manner.   The teacher’s place in all of this is to motivate the students to want to do so.   This relationship between the students and their teacher, one which is based on compromise and co-operation, is the basis for my system of discipline.
To me, the word discipline suggests a structured set of guidelines where all students know what is expected of them.   By knowing these guidelines, the students will know the consequences of their actions if they choose not to comply with them.   The teacher should be able to show the students how to behave appropriately by modeling acceptable behaviour.   The teacher can’t just simply tell the students the rules and guidelines and expect them to be follow.   If they see the teacher acting in a positive manner then they will be more prone to act in this way as well.   The teacher’s behaviour is crucial in facilitating appropriate behaviour.   I like to think back to the teachers that I had in school and how their positive attitude in the classroom, what they said (or don’t say), their facial...