Synopsis of Tort Cases

Synopsis of Tort Cases
The tort law protects individuals from unauthorized touches, restraint and other contact made against one without warrant.   Torts can be intentional, unintentional and strict liability that can result lawsuits for doing wrong to a person or an individual’s property.   The damages of tort can be monetary and rewarded to someone for his or her injuries by a court of law. Intentional torts require a defendant to possess an intent act that will cause injury to a plaintiff.   The unintentional tort claims liability for harm that is foreseeable consequence of his action can be called negligence. This paper will identify tort actions that were seen in each of the scenarios. It will identify the potential plaintiff’s and the defendants in each claim and discuss why each would be considered a defendant. The paper will discuss the elements of the tort claim that constitutes the plaintiffs claim and any defenses that defendants may assert. Last, for each scenario, opinion about how each claim may be resolved.  
Scenario One
In scenario one there was many tort actions. These tort actions are as follows:
1. Quarterback being hit by opposing player, breaking his arm sends the ball into the stand hit a fan causing injury.
2. Malik an upset fan jumps up and spills his cold beer on Ruben, an age year old.
3. Daniel, who is the father of Ruben, shoves Malik for spilling the beer on his son.
4. Malik after being shoved by Daniel grabs the railing which he breaks and falls to the ground and his face hits the aisle steps knocking out his two front teeth.
5. A lady in line at the concession stands smells beer on Ruben and yells at Daniel
6. Daniel’s boss hears the lady and fires Daniel because of what she said
7. Daniel ordered two diet soft drinks and concession worker being distracted by the scene gave Daniel to regular soft drinks
8. Malik points and unloaded gun at Daniel
9. Daniel has a concealed weapon and shoots Malik

Potential plaintiffs and...