Synertic Solutions

Synergetic Solutions Inc. is a $6 million company in the business of systems integration.  They specialize in assembling and reselling leading computer brands.   The organization has five locations in the East Coast that has 300 employees mostly working in the sales and service departments.   Most of the employees in the organization have only basic computer skills in assembling and troubleshooting.   There are only a few higher-skilled individuals who operate as specialists.
       Change transforms and modifies an organization.  When there is change within the organization it implies a shift in the status quo or the existing state of affairs.  Change is often incremental rather than drastic; most employees are usually afraid of change and see it as being threatening.  If there are power struggles within the organization change may be more drastic in both speed and size. No one likes change, but it is the change that makes the organization stronger and more versatile.   There is always resistance to change. Organizations need to plan on some form of change management to help people adjust to the change.   When change is occurring within an organization, if management does not communicate with the employees then of course they will fear the worst and resist the change. I think that the best way to approach change is to communicate why the change is being implemented, what it will do for the organization, and explain what is going to happen to the organization with its employees and training processes. If the employees know what is going to happen then they will be more accepting of the change.
      There are both internal forces as well as external forces of change.   Within Synergetic Solutions that internal forces of change are technology, nature of the workforce, economic shocks.   Technology is an internal factor which depends on the technology of the organization and how well the employees can use the technology.   The training to keep things up to date with the...