Synergetic Solutions

Synergetic Solutions: Organization Change and Communication

Synergetic Solutions: Organizational Change and Communication
Synergetic Solutions Inc. is a $6 million company in the business of system integration.   It has 300 employees working in five locations across the East Coast.   Primarily driven by the stagnant systems integration market, Chief Executive Officer, Harold Redd, ventured into the network solutions business of designing and implementing complex computing networks two years ago.   Recent accomplishments include an order worth $1.2 million for designing a network and $5 million worth of orders in the works (University of Phoenix, 2002).   As a result, Harold Redd has decided to raise the revenues of the network solutions business to 80% of total sales, which equals to $12 million at the end of the next nine months.   Growth targets for revenue and measures of employee involvement concerning productivity and absenteeism are set for every quarter (University of Phoenix, 2002).   The purpose of this internal report is to identify and analyze the forces of change, potential change models, and resistance leaders of Synergetic Solutions Inc. should expect when working toward the company’s growth objectives.

Forces of Change
In today’s business environment, change is a necessary requirement to sustain existence.   No company can remain particularly stable and expect to succeed.   Synergetic Solutions is no exception.   Forces act as stimulants to initiate change within an organization (Robbins & Judge, 2011, Chapter 18).   They can be internal or external.   Internal forces arise from within the company, such as the nature of the workforce.   External forces arise from outside the company, but affect internal function.   Examples include economic shocks and competition.   Exhibit 1 describes three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions.
Exhibit 1 Forces of Change
Force | Description |
Nature of the Workforce(Internal)...