Synergetic Solutions Report

The world is ever-changing and companies must be able to change as well. Those who do not are in danger of falling behind. Any area can be affected by change and a company has to be prepared for these changes. Change can cause turmoil within a company and it is essential that the company prepare leaders and employees for new transitions. Understanding how the changes effects everyone will create a more successful transition and provide a more harmonious environment. This paper includes a discussion of internal and external forces of change, leadership factors and change models, the types of resistance faced and strategies to manage this resistance.
Internal and External Forces of Change
Change is inevitable and organizations that resist change are subject to becoming unstable. Organizations must recognize the internal and external forces of change and have a plan of action to implement these changes.
Internal driving forces things, situations, or events that occur inside the business, and are generally under the control of the company (, 2010). Internal forces that Synergetic Solutions face include technological capacity, organization of machinery and equipment, financial management, and employee morale. Each issue has to be addressed separately to formulate a plan of action.
External driving forces are things, situation, or events that occur outside of the company and are by and large beyond the control of the company. Examples of external driving forces may be, the industry itself, the economy, demographics, competition, and political interference (, 2010). Synergetic Solutions was driven by a stagnating system integration market to reorganize the network solutions division. The company realized the growth because of external forces and began to make changes. Since Synergetic Solution is flexible to these changes, it could take the company into areas they had never considered.
Leadership factors and change models
Leaders have to...