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International Student Declaration of Finance
Estimated Cost of Attendance 2013-2014
Below is an estimated expense of attendance for one academic year in regards to DSU Institutional expenses only. All costs are listed in US American Dollars (USD). All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Expense Source
Tuition and University Fees Room and Board Estimated Books and Supplies Medical Insurance (required through DSU) Total Expenses

Estimated Expenses

$8,280 $5,276 $800 $750 $15,106

This section is to be completed by the student. To be considered complete all blanks in sections A., B., C., D., and E. must be filled out even if the amount contributed is $0. Section F. is the total of the amounts listed in sections A., B., C., D., and E. added together. All funds listed on this form must be accompanied by an official bank statement. DSU reserves the right to request verification of all bank statements. Failure to submit an official bank statement may result in a delay in the student's admission. A bank statement used for two or more students must show sufficient funds to cover expenses for all students and a seperate copy of the bankstate must be submitted for each student.


Funding Source
Personal Self: Sponsor: Sponsor: Agency: Relative: Friend:

Sponsor Name
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Total $


A. Sponsor (Institution or Organization) B Government C. Relative or Friend D. DSU Scholarships/Awards/Discounts E. Total Expenses must be equal or greater than the total expenses listed in the Estimated Expenses.

Scholarship: Award: Discount:


By signing below I certify the total funds listed above in Section A., B., C., D., and E. are available for each academic year I will be attending Dickinson State University. I am aware the tuition and fees listed above are an estimate and are subject to change without notice. Student Name: Student Signature: Parent, Guardian, or Sponsor Name: Parent, Guardian, or Sponsor Signature: Date: Date: Date:...