SWOT Analysis

The results of the SWOT analysis conducted for Company ABC is shown below.

S1.   Strong brand image and recognition in the company’s industry

S2.   Strong domestic and international supplier network

S3.   Dedicated to R & D efforts and advancing the technological aspects of

      its product line

S4.   Competitive pricing strategies


W1.   Does not receive government subsidies to finance development

W2.   Vulnerable to changes in the market – unfavorable liquidity

Measures (low cash reserves)

W3.   High production costs


O1.   Regain the majority of the market share from its chief competitor

O2.   Growing market in Asia (China and Japan)

O3.   Larger market share in Europe

O4.   Continued product differentiation


T1.   Increased competition from its chief competitor

T2.   Economic factors like petroleum prices and inflation

T3.   Political influences impacting international trade regulations

T4.   The World Trade Organization (WTO) supporting the competitor

T5.   New entrants into the industry

Matched Pair Analysis

The Matched Pair analysis enables strategists to pair potential alternatives that are likely to substantiate the identified long-term objectives for Company ABC.   The following results of the Matched Pair analysis are indicated below.
Matched Pairs

S4O1 – Company ABC;s competitive pricing strategies can help the company lure potential customers away from its chief rival.
S102 – Enhancing Company ABC’s strong brand image and brand name would   allow further acceptability and demand of their products within the Asian marketplace.
S3T2 –   Company ABC is committed to R & D efforts that focus on making their aircrafts more fuel efficient.   This commitment can largely minimize the impact of economic factors like rising petroleum prices.   Major carriers are now more cost conscious than even and desire cost saving solutions.