My lifelong strategy has been trying to improve my physical fitness and get mentally stronger every day by whatever means necessary.   This task cannot be achieved but improved, improved so much that you can finally come to satisfying terms with yourself.   I have found this extremely satisfying and have helped me achieve lifelong balance and happiness.   But what I do want to achieve is something called the Ironman Triathlon.   An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long distance triathlon races organized by World Triathlon Corporation consisting a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile marathon run, raced in that order without a break.   The race starts at 7am and ends at midnight.
During the years 2002-2006 I was on the High School swim team.   I went from occasionally swimming for fun to swimming competitively, so 2.4 mile swim isn’t a game changer for me.   Swimming has always been one of my strong traits in the family, but swimming wasn’t the only thing I was actively participating in.   After school sessions I would go bike riding with my cousin and neighbor almost every single day.   I live in Laguna Hills, so you can imagine the slopes and hills we had to pedal.   This was something I did recreationally for fun.   So when the time has come for me to face the grueling 112 mile bike ride, I won’t sigh, I won’t beg for mercy, instead I’ll ride harder, faster, and challenge the 112 miles to break me.   These are my experiences that will strengthen me for the challenges ahead.   But my current challenge to prepare for the Ironman Championships is p90x.   It’s an exercise program like I’ve never seen before, three months of extreme fitness every day.   It has everything from upper body workouts, jump training, yoga, and even Kenpo.   I’ve already completed 1 round of p90x and I’m currently on my 2nd round.   I’ve never been healthier than at any point of my life, and it feels good.
Running is my kryptonite, my weakness.   Ever since I was little, I hated running....