University of Phoenix Masters in Business Administration
Individual Assignment - SWOT Analysis- Apple Inc.

MGT 521
June 10, 2012
Jim Holst


Apple Inc. is a highly innovated business company that entered the business world making computers back in the 1980s. It is a company known for its vibrant line of products and the innovation it brings to those products. They ventured out in the 2000s making non-PC devices commonly came to known as the iPods and by the end of 2011 had a market capitalization of over $240 billion dollars (Apple, Reports First Quarter Results, January 24, 2012). In this paper, the mutual funds manager will conduct a business analysis on Apple   and will perform a SWOT analysis to determine if this would be a sound investment for the stakeholders.

Apple Inc. has been ranked number one on Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired list for the fourth year in a row according to CNNMoney (DuBois, 2012).Apple has a strong brand image which provides an advantages over its competitors. Apple’s online music store, iTunes is the largest music retailer and charges just .99 cents per song and can be downloaded on all of their products. Continuous strong financial performance has also strengthens investors’ confidence in return they provide for new capital for future avenues. In the employee department, Apple has an intensive employee training in order to provide exceptional customer service. They focus on understanding what the customer needs are and provide a solution. Lastly, Apple software are coded on a completely different platform when compared with PC, therefore there are less chances of product being pirated. Even the most profitable company has weakness, in the next section the fund manager will try to explore some of the challenges company faces.

Due to Apple’s success in the marketplace, their competitors are hard at work to produce a product that is comparable and will appeal to consumers. Up until the...