Sweetest Thing

Flan Flood was living the good life. She has great friends who were always there for her when she needed them, an amazing boyfriend and parents who love her. Until, her parents decided to travel to Beijing without telling Flan. Even after promising that they would stop leaving her with her sister Feb and her brother Patch. Her older sisters Feb decide to act like strict parents to keep her from becoming out of control like themselves. Flan’s two best friends discover they like the same guy Adam and Flan has to be Adam lab partner. Her friends Meredith and Judith are fighting over Adam, the cute football player. So Flan comes up with the No Adam Rule. But it starts to fail when Adam like Flan and Flan begins to like Adam. When Flan's friend Sarah-Beth hears about Flan’s crush on Adam she thinks it would be a good idea to have a costume party to get Flan more social with Adam. But all of that goes crazy when Flan and her friends spend the whole night trying to get Adams attention to get a kiss from him.

The thing I liked about this book was that it is easy to relate to because the book contains a lot of everyday teen drama. What I disliked about this book was that it was kind of slow at some parts and it was boring at the beginning. It would focus too much on small details.