“Rule number one is, don't sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it's all small stuff.”
There could be written many proverbs as such. But how many of us really think that things related to money and status is petty? Probably not even 1% of the population existing on earth today.   Life is meant to be lived and not only toiled. Many of us forget that we sweat ourselves to enjoy our lives. The next we land up sweating ourselves more while enjoying a little or sometimes nothing at all. Life has become so busy that from the time that one gets up in the morning to brush his teeth, he thinks of the next project or work pending at his office/workplace. The thought itself makes him sick increasing the anxiety substance in him. However, this increase of sudden anxiety is not registered in his consciousness and he keeps the anxiety granted and mixes it up with normalcy. Pressure increases each day with increasing work load making one dull and distressed. Yet, to think, the person does not realize why he increasingly becomes less active while he tries to sweat out all the work he has to do to keep him happy. Stop sweating for the entire life. Live long lives with little breaks from the usual. A break which consists of your family and a place where everyone can be happy minus the technological aids that is supposed to entertain our lives.
Many of us have heard about Aristotle’s Cathartic effect. The audience after watching a drama should purge their emotions in order to purify and calm down with all passion spent. The reason for citing Aristotle’s concept is that, in a similar way the sweat we produce is meant to cool us down when we're overheating or overanxious. But sometimes the body isn't a perfect machine. Sweat glands are all over our body and acts according to the signal of the brain. If the brain sends a wrong signal the glands may work abnormally causing profuse perspiration. Sweating as such is necessary but over sweating...