Svq3 Carrying Out a Review

Carrying out a review

Mr D.   has been advised that during his time in Mason St. 4 weekly reviews of his progress will take place.   He was given a review calendar with the first 3 review dates detailed   and a basic idea of how this takes place and informed that a member of the appropriate housing team will be present plus anyone else he would like to be present including a family member or any key individuals involved in his care.
Approximately two weeks before the review date planning must begin.   Mr D.   is advised of this and I asked him if there was anybody he would like to be invited to his review (COP 3.1).   Mr D.   has a social worker but both parties were happy that a copy of the review would be given to her and that she did not need to attend the review leaving only a housing officer to be invited.   This invite is put on the councils own secure website to ensure confidentiality and a time and date is arranged.
Service users are normally quite nervous about a review but I assured Mr D.   that everyone present are there with his best interests at heart and the purpose of the review is simply to allow his housing officer to meet and get to know as much about his circumstances as possible and to get the early stages of his future housing requirements made clear. Myself and MrD. have known each other for 4 weeks now and we have built up a relationship and I have demonstrated to him my honesty and trustworthiness (COP 2.1) and he has become comfortable in my company and this helps him to feel more relaxed about the review.
Certain pieces of paperwork are also completed before the review takes place which are all aimed at monitoring Mr D’s progress.   My outcomes are completed by Mr D which monitors general mental health and wellbeing.   The day before the review myself and Mr D completed a second strength based assessment at which point we monitor progress on his goals pertaining to each individual support plan.   This progress is agreed and recorded and it is...