Svq2 Health & Social Care: Medical Emergency

Whilst working on an EMI unit I entered the TV lounge and saw Mrs A lying on the floor beside a chair. I approached Mrs A and asked her if she was OK first then activated the emergency alarm, by doing this I acted immediately and appropriately. I sat beside Mrs A on the floor and talked to her reassuringly whilst we waited for further assistance. By making Mrs A comfortable I was working within my own competence. A staff nurse arrived soon after and I advised her that I had found Mrs A lying on the floor and that I thought she had fallen from a chair but I didn't know for certain as I did not witness the event taking place. The nurse then checked Mrs A over for any injury whilst I continued to comfort her. As this was happening another resident Mrs B approached the scene to check what was happening. As Mrs A was already being tended to by the nurse I diverted my attention to Mrs B and reassured her that Mrs A was OK and there was no cause for concern, I led Mrs B away from the area to maintain privacy & dignity and ask her to take a seat in the dining room, once settled I return to Mrs A and the nurse. The nurse advises that there is no injuries and Mrs A is free from pain or discomfort. We both help Mrs A to her feet and double check she feels no discomfort or pain. We then accompany Mrs A to a comfy chair in the supervised lounge where she can sit with her peers, socialise and listen to music. Myself and the nurse then go to the nurses office and complete incident forms to record what occurred. I double check this before signing it for accuracy then I file it away before locking the office door to ensure I adhere to the Data Protection Act as well as maintaining Mrs A's privacy.