Sustainable Planning

Sustainable Development of Montreal
  1. Introduction:
Sustainable development can mean different things to different people. For some it is wind turbine, recycling or may be clean energy. However, it is not only about waste management, clean energy or pollution control actually it is a mind-set of the inhabitants of country or city. Some experts say that it is relationship among people and relationship among people and environment. Sustainable development is more like a philosophy where people practice a win-win scenario rather than winner takes it all scenarios. In the present world, all major countries and their cities have addressing the issues regarding sustainable development. In 1987 UN World Commission on Environment and Development published its ‘Our Common Future’. In this report first they mentioned about the term ‘Sustainable Development’. In the report sustainable development defined as a way development where the need of the current generation will be meet without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need (Sustainableleader, 2012). Since that time it is a matter of great debate that what is sustainable development and how this can be achieved. Al major cities have their own way of building sustainable development. In this report the author will discuss about the sustainable development of Montreal focusing on the sustainable development factors and how Montreal have utilised the methods to achieve sustainable development.        

  2. Information about Montréal:
The city of Montreal is a famous city in Canada. It is a city in the province of Quebec. Montréal is largest city in the province and the second largest city in Canada.   Montreal is known for its divers and multicultural population. According to census 2011 Montréal city has the population of 1,649,519. The main official language of Montréal is French. English is also used their as the second main language. French is spoken in around 59.6% of the total...