Sustainable Office

The year is 2012, it is a fast paced world, everyone wants something done, and wants it done NOW, and the boom of the internet and Information Technology a lot of the basics we used to rely on in our daily life have changed almost everything in our lives has become digitalized,
One major part of these changes is the way we communicate and how jobs are done. People spend most of their days online in one way or another, being online doesn’t only mean sitting on your desktop anymore, you are sending emails while walking to work, you check your check your Facebook while lying in bed, you are on Skype with your family while in the metro.
The engines of change
Internet search engines have changed the way people learn about each other and the world, and have forever altered the business landscape by increasing competition and creating new opportunities and challenges. Most of that information and communications were accessible only to the informed few.
People became needy, and that called for new tools to help them achieve that, and research tools became accessible by everyone who wants to look for something, Researchers now can gather data by the time a guy finishes his lunch break.
We all should thank Search engines for making our lives easier. To the extent it even changed our vocabulary, Schools and universities use and force their students to use the internet for their researches; other way students’ lives would have been hell.
Millions of documentations are available in cyber space. We are not anonymous anymore, people’s lives are accessed daily by thousands of users, whether we like it or not. You are online means you are exposed.
these days when someone is asking about something you don’t know, we say “Google it”, no one says look it up anymore. “If your page is not indexed by Google, your page does not exist on the Web” (Olsen, 2009)
Another important issue has raised, Sustainability in the workplace online. That doesn’t only mean that...