Sustainable Development

Developing Sustainability
The need of the hour, the necessity for longevity, the weapon to ill health, the shield to natural calamity,
the protection of our mother earth, the future thirst quencher……………reason for happy living is Sustainability.
Water, the most important resource for life, used for quenching thirst, beating the heat, irrigation, transportation, is still being wasted, people do not care to save this precious and cheapest form of any drink afforded by the poor. Unattended dripping sanitary fixtures, loose taps etc are still ignored even if bathing from shower has turned to buckets or probably shaving with the running tap to a mug.   Small things, but of, a huge importance.   A few tips to save :
 Use organic detergents.
 Rain water harvesting is a good method to maintain the water table,
 Even the sewage water from homes can be used efficiently by dividing the sources.
 Using as required.
The electricity being generated from renewable sources proves to be a boon; we just saw that how badly Japan is effected by the nuclear stations. It has effected our atmosphere and not just lives.
Air conditioners are one of the biggest threats for global warming. This luxury not only is hazardous to human health but to environmental health as well. One air conditioner can kill 4 trees.   The new townships eating away the agricultural land should have provisions for conditioning the rooms at much a lower cost, effective and healthy, solutions have been found but no one bothers to initiate.
An initiative to educate oneself and duplicate like a chain reaction to make all living beings educated to sustainability which was the need of yesterday has now become a necessity of the hour.
Just a few do’s and don’ts to practice to make our earth a better place.
“Education for life
Education through Life
Education throughout life”
By: Mahatma Gandhi
Let’s follow the words of this revolutionist to get a revolution for freedom to breathe and healthy living!!