Sustainable Communities

SUSTAiN plays a prominent role, on behalf of Solihull’s Third Sector, in the Solihull Partnership.

The Solihull Partnership is Solihull’s LSP (Local Strategic Partnership).
It brings together the different parts of the public, private, community and voluntary sectors, to work together and support one another in tackling the top priorities for making the Borough a better place to live.
The principle behind working in partnership is that working together on common goals, in a ‘joined up’ way is more effective and has a greater chance of success than individual agencies working in isolation on different aspects of the same issue.
The Solihull Partnership has agreed and published a Sustainable Community Strategy. This sets out a shared vision for improvements to the quality of life in Solihull over the period 2008 to 2018.
The Partnership is now working to realise the goals set out in that Strategy. Some of these are reflected in the Local Area Agreement. This is an agreement between the Partnership and Government and establishes the targets for the Partnership’s immediate priorities.
Governing Board
The Solihull Partnership’s governing board determines its strategic direction and is its ultimate decision making body. The Third Sector in Solihull is represented on the Governing Board by two members, one from the frontline network and one from the infrastructure support service.
David Mattocks is Chair of the Third Sector Network and the Solihull Compact Champion. David Pinwell is CEO of Solihull SUSTAiN.
Strategic Groups
There are five Strategic Groups which deliver the thematic elements of the Sustainable COmmunities Strategy on behalf of the Governing Board. The Third Sector has one representative on each of the five Strategic Groups. These are:
  * Childrens’ and Young People’s Trust Board – Janet Down (Solihull Leisure Opportunities)
  * Healthier Communities Strategic Group – Martin Wright (Enable Solihull)
  * Prosperous Communities Strategic...