WRIT340—Facebook Memo       Kuen Wai Tang
Date: 1/19/2011
Re:   Facebook
To: Miranda Shaw
From: kuen Wai Tang

I am writing in response to the hiring decision between Rick Parsons and Deborah Jones as a senior analyst for your project team. In the following paragraphs I will make my recommendation and detail my logic behind it.
First, I think in choosing the right person for a job, his personal life is not relevant as long as he can manage both his work and personal life well and his personal life would not affect the performance of his work. Imagine, a student with a messy room can still do well in school and be very successful as a student as long as his messy room would not affect his studying. The same logic can be applied in this case. While Parsons has a personal life that is not commonly accepted as a life that a successful professional should have, would this really jeopardize his chance to be a good analyst for you? I could almost see no correlation between personal life and career success.
Moreover, his personal profile says everything. He is graduated from a high-ranked business school that you also attended. His has the appropriate work background and he performs well in all rounds of interview. Does his personal life seem to have an adverse effect on his career life? These facts about him tell us “No!”.   Besides his background, his personal qualities including leadership skills, tireless energy and great communication skills can also prove he will handle the job well. These personal qualities are truly felt by you, and they are all objective truth.   Furthermore, he is very active I nonprofit work and has earned a number of community service awards. With no question he is energetic and shows commitment to what he is doing.
As choosing the right person to hire is very important for your success in this firm, I think Parsons’ personal life will...