P4.   Explain four key methods used to protect the natural environment from the impact of the construction and built environment sector.
Explain and provide evidence of how legislation, development control and good practice in the development’s design, specification and management could be used to reduce the environmental impact of this project
Protecting the environment
A community in order to work properly needs buildings on which they can live, learn, work, have fun. To make that possible other services like roads and railways, electricity, water supplies and drainage are needed.
Long time ago people use to build their house wherever they wanted if it was their land and this is the reason why some towns now a day are much disorganized. Warehouses and factories were built near the houses and this brought with itself messy towns. But the good thing now a day is that people cannot built wherever and whatever they want even when they own the land. In an industrial society the pollution will never stop but the damaged caused to the environment can be minimized. There are different ways which are operating together by helping on limiting the pollution on the environment and here are included:
  1. Legislation
  2. Control
  3. Design and specification
  4. Management systems
  5. Personal

The most important piece of legislation that was introduced to the protection of the UK’s environment was The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Environment Agency was set up in 1995 and the main Acts of Parliament that are introduced to protect the environment are:
  * Water Act 1989
  * Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989
  * Environment Protection Act (EPA) 1990
  * Land Drainage Act 1991
  * Water Resources Act 1991
  * Environment Act 1995
The Environmental Agency has passed legislation to cover the environmental areas below:
  * Air
  * Chemicals
  * Conservation
  * Energy
  * Land
  * Noise and...