Surprise Party.

Surprise Party.

    `It's a Halloween party, aren't you coming?' Robin's mother Audrey asked. `Violet's coming.' Violet was his sister, a year and a half younger than his nineteen years.

  `No thanks mom. I'm going out with the boys tonight,' he replied. The last thing he wanted was to go out to a party with his mother, father and sister. It was inhibiting when he was as randy as hell. He wanted to find a girl he could fuck that night which was why he was going out with the boys.

  Though incest is taboo and frowned upon, it hadn't stopped him from taking his sister Violet's virginity a year ago just after her seventeenth birthday. She was as eager to lose it as he was to take it, him being one year older, and they had the odd alliance now and then since that time.

  No, tonight he was going to go out with his friends and find new fields to plough, so he left as his mom, dad and sister were still getting ready to go to their party.

  Robin went out and downtown to meet up with Richard and George, his current pals for a drink before they set out looking for a good time.

  Violet was ready before her parents and sneaked a large gin and tonic to drink before they went out, not really wanting to go, but there was a good chance of meeting someone new to have a little bit on the side to make the evening worthwhile. Audrey, upstairs, had made her husband Albert change into more casual wear and not wear a tie. When satisfied with his apparel, led the way downstairs and collecting Violet, went off to where the party was being held.

  Robin, with Richard and George, had at least six beers apiece before George, who always seemed to take charge, suggested that they went out and gate crashed a party somewhere for some free booze. Both Robin and Richard agreed and so left the bar and began to walk up into the residential part of town.

  It didn't take them long to find a mansion that had a large pumpkin outside with its candle inside, showing...