Suriname's Biomes

Nate Watson
Suriname’s Biomes
          Suriname is a small country on the northern coast of South America. Suriname’s biomes include tropical rain forest, savanna and ocean. There is not much savanna in Suriname. In this paper I will cover only the tropical rain forest and the ocean surrounding Suriname. These are the two most important biomes for Suriname. I will write about the climate and the role of these biomes in the country.
          The tropical rain forest is the main biome in Suriname. It takes up most of the country and also has most of the animals in Suriname. The rain forest is hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 21 degrees C to 32 degrees C. It is in the tropics because it is near the equator and that means the temperature doesn’t change much over the year. It also means it’s very hot there. The biome gets its humidity from the moist ocean air blowing over the rain forest and of course it gets a lot of rain. The wet condition makes it easy for plants to grow. Some of the plants that grow there include, tropical palms, spiky-rooted palms, walking palms, Suriname nut trees, rubber trees and Inga trees. The forest is also home for many animals. These animals include monkeys like the red-faced spider monkey, red howler monkey, and rabbits like the forest rabbit. There are also some dangerous animals too like jaguars. Birds include the red necked wood pecker and the whistling duck. One resource of the forest that Surinamese take advantage of is the wood there. Logging is a main source of employment in the forest. With all that wood they can cut it down and sell it. But cutting down rain forests is a big issue because many see it as cutting down our oxygen recyclers. But it is done anyways. There is also mining in Suriname such as, gold, iron, bauxite and other metals but there isn’t that much there.
          The ocean is also a much depended on biome in Suriname. It also has many animals. The ocean near Suriname is in one of the warmest...