Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 Unit 201

Unit 201 Page 1

The learner can describe the expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years.

The expected pattern of children and young people’s development from birth to 19 years can be split into categories; physical development, communication and intellectual development, and social, emotional and behavioral development.

Physical development includes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, general coordination and hand eye coordination.   This can be further defined by age:

0 – 4 Weeks
Children of 0 to 4 weeks learn latching and sucking motions to feed. They have reflexes such as grasping and reacting to bright lights and loud sudden noises.

4 Weeks – 1 Year Olds
When children are 4 weeks to 1 year old they are able to use more than their reflexes. Most will have rolled, sat up and crawled. Some may be able to do their first few steps by 1 years old. This is a time when a lot happens and changes very quickly. They will have more strength in their necks and be able to hold their head up.
They will also be transitioning to solid food so will attempt to feed themselves with their fingers. Children in this age bracket will start to learn to control and recognise parts of their body.

1 – 3 Year Olds
When children reach 1 to 3 years old they will be improving on many of the skills they have started to learn. They will have greater confidence in their ability to walk and will start to run, climb and hop. Kicking and throwing a ball tends to be a popular game and children will advance in their abilities. During this stage they will also likely start the toilet training process. They will develop the fine motor skills need to dress themselves and wash their hands. They will use toys to play and explore the world around them and they will also start to enjoy looking at books, turning the pages on their own. They may start learning how to ride a tricycle.   Their feeding skills will be improving and they will be able to...