Supporting Student Nurses with Their Practice

DATE:       21/01/09


As A Manager of a Residential Service it is part of my role to motivate   staff to learn and change; to identify each staff members individual learning needs: and to plan, implement and evaluate that development, so that it is effective and beneficial to the individual, service & meets requirements

For example I am responsible for facilitating & supporting new support workers through their 12-week induction
On their first day it is mainly orientation, it is important to make them feel welcome, it can be very daunting for people on their first day in a new environment/job role. I try to promote a relaxed but professional   environment to encourage & support discussion, hoping to alleviate any fears and to establish ground rules.
I delegate an established member of staff to become a mentor to the new starter to’ show them the ropes’ and to whom they can shadow on different shifts. This gives them another point of contact for whom they can gain advice whilst working ‘hands on’
Specific parts of the induction are also delegated to different team members who have different skills/ responsibilities , for example a member of staff who is trained to a high standard in Makaton, delivers a training session to new staff, another individual is trained in legionella awareness and passes on information about the water tests we need to carry out. This encourages staff to learn & share and means not only is the individual gaining the skills they need to do the job, but the team is meeting their own development needs whilst at the same time meeting organisational objectives