Supporting Children's Play

Reflection of my Practice:
On reflection of my practice in supporting children during this child initiated play activity, I have realized that there are elements of good practice as well as areas of development.
I have observed how play supports children’s growing abilities to express themselves uniquely and creatively, to explore new materials, and to use familiar materials in new and more complex ways. I have followed the guidance principles of Development Matters in Early Years throughout the activity. By observing E’s interests towards role play and respecting her needs I have followed the Unique Child guidance. I then developed Positive Relations with her to develop her confidence and I created an Enabling Environment to stimulate and develop her learning through play.
I constantly asked myself how can I take advantage of this play in supporting children’s cognitive development, and further build on it. I reflect on how I can initiate further play experiences that will deepen the learning that has already begun, and also support learning in the domains of maths, and language and literacy, hence meeting the required standards in all of these areas. I then plan accordingly.
I took advantage of E’s high interest and engagement in role playing Red Riding Hood by planning for development of Specific Areas of learning   (Development Matters) around the story. In order to do this I set up a stimulating environment, provided a wide range of drawing, reading, writing and problem solving opportunities. Throughout this play experience I supported standards of communication, language and literacy in a meaningful context by encouraging her to discuss and document her theatre play, talk about real experiences and by providing fiction and non-fiction books to refer to. During the course of this play E has attempted to retell the story of Red Riding Hood in her own version and write her own narratives as well. At the art centre, E created a picture of Red...