Supporting a Position

Supporting a Position

    First degree,   murder should not be acceptable in the United States. To protect innocent people, and

to scare possible criminals, capital punishment should   be used as a method of punishment.

    Death will clearly and permanently incapacitate a criminal and prevent them from committing

any other offence. Criminals given life without parole will not keep them from killing prison staff and

other inmates or taking hostages so they can escape. These criminals have nothing to lose by

continuing to kill or escape from prison.

    Capital punishment would remove the worst criminals from our society. This will be cheaper and

safer for the public, than giving the criminal life without parole.   The dead criminals will no longer be

able to commit any further crimes. If capital punishment is enforced we are giving life a price tag.

Someone takes a life, then that someone must pay with a life. If they are only given life in prison then

they will not hold life as being valuable. Only going to jail seems to be unfair. Getting life in prison

only gives the criminal three meals a day, a cot to sleep on, cable T.V. And are able to befriend another

inmate. While incarcerated they are able to go outside, something that the victim will no longer get to

enjoy because of them. Criminals are able to work and make money. They are supposed to be punished

for the crime they did, but this is not punishment. They get to live a decent life while behind bars, and

they do not deserve it.

    Capital punishment should be practiced to ensure that justice is served and to give the victims

family peace of mind. As stated above, a life is worth a life. The family of a murdered victim may want

the criminal to have their life ended. Wanting the criminal put to death should not be used as a

form of vengeance. When a criminal has been executed,the victims families can heal in ways they may

not be able to if the...