Support Your Local Music Scene

Adam Grimes
Public speaking

  There are many callings in life. Some maybe called to help others, while others are called to protect, among many other things, but some of us have been called to give our whole lives to music. It’s a long and hard road to get to the point where you can make a living solely off of performing music, but it starts here, in our schools, our churches, and our city. The local artists here in Tampa need your support to be able to live out their dreams of providing you with music. Underoath, Taylor Swift, Lil’ Wayne, A Day To Remember, these are all bands or musicians that have reach that elusive superstar status, but they had to start somewhere, just like everyone else. Though, for all you know the next name to add to that list could be right here in Tampa and you wouldn’t know, because of the lack of support for the local music scene.

  A lot of people feel like they don’t have to support local music because the “lack of talent”. The general consensus is that if they aren’t signed then they aren’t any good; that’s completely wrong. Some of my favorite music to jam to when chilling with friends or even jamming happens to be local Tampa bands. The fact that they aren’t signed to a label doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth your time. That’s like saying that a High school athlete isn’t any good because he isn’t already in the NFL, or that a local actor isn’t any good because he isn’t in Hollywood, or even like saying a local restaurant isn’t any good because it isn’t franchised. You can’t make those kinds of judgments until you actually experience it, and when you do experience it, you might find you actually like it.
Another misconception about local artist is that we don’t work as hard as signed artist do. That is a lie. We put just as much; sometimes even more work in to our music then the signed artist do. Let me explain the way the music industry works.   Bands start out in their local area, playing shows in bars...