Support Pupils Learning

Support pupils’ learning activities – STL 18

18.1 Support learning activities.

P1a Every Wednesday as part of the reception team I attend a planning meeting where the teachers go through the next weeks timetable, activities and objectives with the teaching assistants.   We are each given a copy of these to refer to during the week and to look at so we become familiar with it beforehand.   Clearly stated on the timetable are the objectives in relation to the early learning goals that we also have a copy of so we can see exactly what we are looking for with each lesson.     Also stated on the plans are what activities each group will be doing, whether they will be doing the activity with the teaching, teaching assistant or independently and what other activities should be out.

Sometimes things can change to what is on the plan, so I try to always speak to the teacher at the start of the day or afternoon about what activities will be happening on the day and she will inform me of any changes.   This happened recently when on my plan for numeracy it stated on the plan we was working on ‘full’ and ‘empty’, but because the majority of the children understood this without question the teachers decided to change the objectives to ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’.   With this the resources changed for the tasks, which I needed to gather.   Obviously for various reasons it isn’t always possible to speak to the teacher at the start of the session, but if anything has changed drastically she will always let me know before the children are ready to start the activities.

P1bThe teaching assistants role is always stated on the lesson plan that I will be working with and the activity we’ll be doing.   Before the activity the teacher will discuss with me how much support she wants me to give to the children and what specifically she wants me to look for and if she wants me to observe more closely and child.   Generally we’ll take turns in which ability group we work with so we can both...