Support Individuals to Maintain Personal Hygiene

Support Individuals To Maintain Personal Hygiene

Outcome 1
Good personal hygiene is important for many reasons. The most important reason is regarding the individuals’ health and wellbeing. Showering or bathing regularly is a good way to maintain good personal hygiene as well as washing hands regularly at appropriate times, Keeping hair washed will and wearing antiperspirant deodorant. All these things will help combat harmful bacteria that could lead to health risks and illnesses. Good personal hygiene can also boost an individuals’ self-esteem and confidence.
Poor personal hygiene can have many negative effects on a persons’ health and wellbeing. For example hair can become greasy and matted, skin can appear porous and dry and bodily odours can arise. All these things can lead to a decrease in an individuals self esteem and confidence. Poor personal hygiene can also effect an individuals’ health for example, poor oral care such as not brushing your teeth can lead to a build-up of bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth can lead to odour and dental diseases such as gingivitis, and even destroy teeth. One of the most import areas of personal hygiene is washing your hands, by not washing them it can encourage bacteria that you may come across to spread. Not washing hands with soap and water can greatly increase the risk of an individuals’ coming into contact with a number of illnesses and becoming ill.

Outcome 2
My role at Riviera Court involves supporting the individuals’ I work with in their everyday personal hygiene. We are a mental health home so many of our clients lack either the understanding on why personal hygiene is important or the motivation to tend to it. If I was working with an individual that did not understand the reasons personal hygiene are important I would start by explaining why poor personal hygiene could be dangerous. I would explain clearly in a way they would understand and answer any questions they may have. I would explain the different...