Support Individuals to Eat and Drink.

Support individuals to eat and drink.

To resolve any difficulties or dilemmas about choice of food and drink you should make sure there is a multiple choice of both food and drink that covers all nutritional needs for example there should be a meat choice and a vegetarian choice. For drinks there should be a warm drink option and a cold drink option.
If an individual has a specific nutritional need for example if they were diabetic you may have to seek additional guidance from a senior member of staff or a doctor about their choice of food and drink you may also have to seek guidance from the kitchen staff that cooked the food to find out the ingredients.
Factors that promote an individual’s dignity comfort and enjoyment while eating and drinking:
  * Encourage the service user to assist themselves the best they can.
  * Give a choice of food and drink.
  * Don’t rush them give as much time as they need.
  * If a service user is blind explain what the food looks like (colour, where it is on the plate, etc.)
  * Make sure the environment is well lit and quiet but not silent unless the service user prefers to eat or drink in silence
  * When assisting a service user make sure you talk to them or communicate with them, don’t have a private conversation with other members of staff.
It is important to make sure an individual is finished eating and drinking before you start clearing away as you make them feel they have to rush the rest of their meal or drink and they may not enjoy it. If an individual dose not enjoy meals and feels they are being rushed with their meals they may stop eating and become ill.
It is important to monitor the food and drink an individual consumes to make sure they are getting all their nutritional needs, if an individual becomes ill it is important to know what they have eating or drank so that it can be investigated or ruled out. It is also important to monitor any difficulties they may be having so...