Support Individuals to Access Education, Training or Employment

Unit 4222-409

1.1 Health and wellbeing are essential for quality of life and is a fundamental
quality for learning and development. Active participation and engagement in learning, a positive experience of education or training and an informed awareness of health are crucial to long term health and wellbeing.
Emotional wellbeing, positive social values and supportive relationships are vital to learning, development and a positive experience of life. Education settings and other services have a key role in promoting health and well being in all children, young people and adult learners. They do this by nurturing a positive learning environment, assisting with the development of social and emotional learning, modelling and nurturing positive social values and building connections with families and communities. This promotes confidence and can help to improve an individuals self esteem, the relationships they could potentially build along with having a sense of responsibility and independence. All these have a huge effect on how an individual can perceive themselves, with a positive frame of mind and attitude, which ultimately can have a huge effect on their health and well being when given the right support.

2.1         The Equality Act is the most significant piece of equality legislation for many years. It
simplifies, streamlines and strengthens the law. It gives individuals greater protection from unfair discrimination and makes it easier for employers and companies to understand their responsibilities. It also sets a new standard for those who provide public services to treat everyone, with dignity and respect.
The Human Rights Act 1998 came into force in the United Kingdom in October 2000. It is composed of a series of sections that have the effect of codifying the protections in the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, this includes the right to education.
The Employment Equality Regulations 2003 outlaw discrimination and harassment in...