Supply Chain Managment


For proposing and implementing improvements; I have adopted SWOT analysis method which is most common and trusted method.   During my first few months in London Stone I had collected lots of information from each department, mainly how we sell and how we buy?   I have developed following SWOT chart on the basis of collected information.
Strength     | Weaknesses     |
    Knowledge & Experience: Our Company has rich experienced and knowledgeable working team. This is giving us extra competitive edge.   Our directors came from rich landscaping background and they know every part of the business very well.     Customer Relationship:   London Stone using latest marketing tools, in order to keep in touch with existing customers as well as catching new customers.     Price, value and quality: London stone product prices are very competitive, and high in quality; these attributes give extra advantage and created a good brand in the market.     |     Dependency on one/two supplier(s) for one product     Limited products range     Limited geographical coverage       Financial limitations       |
Opportunities     | Threats     |
    Opportunity to diversified into other related industries     Rising standards of living-increasing demand     Infrastructure boom across the nation –increasing the demand       |     High treat of substitute –low cost switching     Seasonal consumption patterns     Small market and high competition     Large inventory/product wastage       |
As a buyer my main focus was to reduce the buying prices, reduce the dependability on one or two suppliers, and gradually increase the product range.
My first proposal was to make a continuous process to finding new suppliers and checking with them prices for existing products as well as finding some new products.   I have made a small template for price checking as follows:

This process was implemented and I am checking prices every month and storing the data in shared folder so my directors can view...