Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Assignment - 1
Pradeep Pydi -127 4081

Executive Summery:

Supply chain management is defined as effective integration of flow of materials and information with in the process of supply and demand. This current report is based on a global pharmaceutical company, which is based in New Zealand market. The pharmaceutical company’s supply chain is quite complex and essential, as pharmaceutical products should be distributed to the end users at the right situation, reaches the right people at right time. The supply chain is also considered to be very responsible and highly sensitive as less than 100% customer service is not acceptable (PMC, 2013).  

In this current report is based on PharmaCo, is a NZ subsidiary company to PharmaCo Global. Company has encountered with several issues in recent times mostly with related to DEFOTS. Major issues include several orders shortages from supermarkets because of short shelf life, and also experiencing large number of complaints from hospitals and pharmacies for delivery delays.

We have listed down all the issues related to PharmaCo by using geographic and thread diagrams, listed down all possible causes for the above issues. After that we can see several solutions recommended to optimize overall supply chain by using SCOR methodology. Following recommendations are made to achieve supply chain optimization and DIFOTIS –

As discussed above PharmaCo needs to address and implement several issues in their overall supply chain including problems from the supplier side, and internal operations and transportation issues. As mentioned above they are all interlinked and to achieve final goal of DIFOTIS, company should implement several strategies to optimize overall supply chain.  

The problem on the internal process side is delay in deliveries and delivered products are not meeting customers’ specifications. The problem with the supplier side is long material lead-time, and most product line...