Supply Chain 3m

3M Company


The Organization

3M is an assorted applied science organization that caters to different level of clients and society with creative inventions and services. Every One of our six businesses has attained influential worldwide market groundings.

3M Singapore is a sole proprietor group, branched out from 3M Company. 3M Singapore retails almost all of 3M Company’s large scaled products. These products include duct tapes, chemicals solutions, films, stationeries and other health products.

The company also caters to a majority of customers and manufacturing businesses. It is an influential worldwide market chief in most markets. These markets constitute circuitry, lubricants, gas, shipbuilding, automotive aftersales, architecture, physical or mental wellness care and many more.

3M Company is a distinguished chief in analysis and growth. 3M creates thousands of creative inventions for dozens of assorted markets. 3M’s main intensity is executing over 42 special applied science stage which are often used together to cater to the different consumers’ requirements. In hand with its $25 billion sales, 3M hires over 75,000 people from all over the world and has business concerns in over 60 countries. 3M products are merchandised in over 200 countries and its creation of 50,000 inventions supplies an inclusive extent of automotive, architecture, applied science, medication, conveyance, sanctuary and protection markets.


The Vision of 3M is to take charge of the industrial growth, maneuvering and backing up the development of the Worldwide Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions which will enhance the achievements of 3M’s Business Objectives.

It is also to improve the usage of US production operations while constructing new facilities in strategic overseas market, which are more challenging and aggressive. It will enhance the company’s ability to grow rapidly while delivering good quality...