Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand for Colleges

March 27, 2011

Supply and Demand for Colleges
When I decided to go back to college, I never thought at 48, I would be enrolling in a college again. After the housing industry collapse the mortgage lenders, I was laid off from a good paying job as a Loan Manager. I spent many years in the nursing field, and became bored with that carrier, so I became a Loan Officer, and promoted to a Loan Manager. I once again find myself with a carrier change. Not knowing what I want to adventure into, I decided to start looking at some colleges to see what I like to do with myself. I live on a small farm and have horses, but how could I make good money without having to go to work each day for hours and still not have the freedom I wanted.
I turned on my lap top and started searching for colleges in my local area. There are so many of them to choose from. I picked out five colleges and researched, to discover what type of degrees each college was offering. After reviewing all the colleges there seem to be a higher demand for online colleges. With it already a frightening thought to return to college, how a student decides what type of college is best for them. Looking at online colleges vs. traditional college there seems to be a large tuition differences. With the high tuition at some traditional colleges it seems to be pushing demand for the lower tuition prices of online colleges. With many traditional colleges having higher tuition than the online colleges this seems to be an acceptable substitute (Mankiw, 2007).
When President Obama, became president he encouraged Americans to go to college to further their education. With many countries and their high Tec skills, Americans are finding it hard to compete in a global world. The president encouraged Americans to go to college. This has pushed a high demand for an education from colleges. With many Americans returning back to college this has driven the price of tuition. When the heath...