Supplu and Demand


Although benchmarking can work for some companies, it will not work for CrysTel. Benchmarking will not help employees to overcome resistance to change. Benchmarking compares organizations to similar organizations not taking in consideration that organizations objectives are different. Also organizations values and attitudes are different. This kind of survey will not help in achieving the best solution to openness for change. Even thought the CEO Morgan Trevannon thinks it is a good idea to use benchmarking survey to compare practices with other competitors, it will not give the best results and will not allow employees to overcome resistance to change.
“Benchmarking describes the overall process by which a company compares its performance with that of other companies, then learns how the strongest-performing companies achieve their results”
For example, finding out that a benchmarked company takes faster to develop a product and much cheaper (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p. 678).

Resistance to Change

CrysTel is in a telecommunications industry that faces technological and administrative changes regularly. Top management needs to find out the strong and weak areas of the organization and change the behavior that can sustain change. The weakest departments, which have the least satisfied employees, are the marketing and sales & delivery. These two departments need the most work because if they are feeling unhappy already they are going to be even more miserable when faced with change. The strongest departments that have the most satisfied employees are the technology development, technology operations, and human resources. Employees in these departments are more willing to change. In order to help those employees that are not open to change, training and various programs are going to be used to help them over come their unwillingness to change and make them feel more satisfied at work. Studies show that employees that are satisfied and happy...