UNIT 11 1.1

Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision.

When i undertake any supervision, my aim is to identify solutions to any problems that may arise, improve practise and increase understanding of any issues.   I will cover such topics for example workload, training, skill and competence. I will also give positives and praise good practise.  
The objectives are competence, accountable performance, continuing professional development and personal support.
Supervision addresses the need to develop knowledge and skills and the need to be concerned with quality.   It covers the need to ensure that professional standards are maintained and policies and procedures are followed and understood. Also to support staff through learning from experience and reflective practise.

The following underlying principles are the same for all forms of supervision.

Supervision is a process in which a worker is given responsibility to work with another to meet organisation, professional activities.
We need to be clear about why there is a need for supervision and who has asked for it.
Set a time frame for the supervision session; even a few minutes of focused time can be worthwhile.
Protect the time and space where possible and appropriate; try to ensure there will be no interruptions and that there is privacy.
Ensure that there is confidentiality; this means working in a place where the supervision cannot be overheard, and sharing identifiable personal details of residents and staff   only with those people who really need to know.
Think about the seating arrangement; how the chairs are arranged, who sits where and on what kind of chair conveys messages about status and power.
Be transparent about the extent to which the supervision is about development or performance; this may need to be renegotiated or stated during the session.
Professional Supervisions
The purpose of professional supervision gives the opportunity for employer and...