Supervision - Qcf Level 5

Developing Professional
Supervision Practice

I had been notified on many occasions by other staff members that a particular member of staff SD was not performing well when on shift.   On numerous times, either in supervision or via complaints received, staff would complain that the home was not tidy, rubbish was left, jobs that were only able to be done at night had not been completed, clients had not been assisted to wash & dress but just left down stairs in their night wear.   It appeared that minimal effort was done whilst on shift at times and this was becoming more apparent the more hours SD had done.
The performance management cycle that was used was to Plan, Develop, Perform & Review.   Plan: I evaluated the employees performance by using daily notes of the clients, audit paperwork, previous supervision paperwork, spot observation of work performance etc. to ascertain where areas of improvement may be needed and to set realistic goals & aims for these in bite size amounts as to not overload the client.   Develop: Improving the staff member’s knowledge & expertise by allowing the staff member to develop new knowledge & skills via CPD. Maybe providing mentoring, buddying & mentoring with more experienced staff as needed.   Perform:   Ensure that staff are able to perform to the best of their abilities with all relevant resources provided. This will therefore increase staff moral & provide a better atmosphere & team work whilst in the home. This has a positive impact on everyone.   Review:   This can be done in the supervision setting where performance etc. is evaluated by both parties to consider what had been completed, changed, achieved & assess what still needs to be done & how we will plan to do this.
The performance indicators that will be used are documentation within the home such as Key worker session records, reviews, audits of environment, care practice, spot observations, night time records, concerns /...