Super Sonic Smoothie

Unit 9 Final Project: Super Sonic Smoothie

MT330-International Marketing

June 20, 2011

3A I: The Cultural Environment  
Today, France is one of the most modern countries in the world. Its culture has been shaped profoundly by historical events over the centuries. As one of the largest Western European nations, France takes enormous pride in its history and outstanding culture.   From Renaissance till today, France’s culture has been greatly influenced by the acquisition of several historical provinces and overseas colonies into its geographical structure (France, 2011).   Over decades these regions have molded France’s culture in terms of linguistic traditions in fashion, religious practices, regional language & accent, family structure, cuisine, leisure activities, industries, arts & architecture (France, 2011).
France’s cultural heritage has a distinguished set of values, symbols, beliefs, and thought processes that influence deeply its business arena. According to Hofstede’s notions of cultural values study, France is one of the highest scoring nations in regards to individualism (Cateora & Graham, 2009).   Its individuality is a crucial cultural attribute that reveals the French passion and uniqueness for freedom of opinion both in society and in business (Doing Business in France, 2007). The uniqueness of France’s culture is very symbolic; for instance, “The Marianne”, a national symbol, stands for ‘’liberty, equality and fraternity’’ (France, 2011). Additionally, to recognize modern France’s exclusivity today, one needs to point out its extensive ethnic background in arts, architecture, literature, music, folklore, film and music.
Perhaps one of the most cherished notions of national French identity can be associated with the French language. In regards to preserving the purity of ‘’Francais’’ language, France is one of the few countries in the world that have taken official measures for protection since the seventeen century (France,...