Sungi Li

Critical Responses

essential- thesis (argument)
shown through evidence, discussion.
Thesis is created from your essay question.
open question- You show what you know about or what you want to give.
Provide points to support the statement, give examples.
each point is one paragraph.
Paragraph Format- Statement (topic statement), explanation, example.
Link back to topic sentence and question

The Structure of Macbeth conforms to the traditional structure of Greek Tragedy.
Know explain structure of Macbeth, What a Greek tragedy is, How it is structured.

The structure of Macbeth conforms to the traditional structure of Greek Tragedy. A Greek Tragedy is the downfall of someone who is in power. This can be very sad, shocking and surprising. These plays explain themes such as moral judgement, mans relationships with the Gods etc. In contrast to, this contrasts to Shakespeare's play Macbeth. The structure of Greek Tragedy is incorporated into Macbeth, this is seen when in Act 1 Macbeth is seen as a nobleman, who is loyal to his family, friends and his country

Explain how the videos Al Bino and Offspring are both similar and different In their manipulation of audience and purpose?

The video clips pretty fly for a white Guy composed by Offspring and It's a Beautiful Day for Cancer composed by Al Bino are both very similar in their manipulation of purpose and audience through the use of the elements of mise en scene, which include colour used, costumes/actors and camera angles.
    • Full title
    • composer
    • medium of production- music video clip
    • date- Al Bino (2008)

In order of what you state in the introduction.
Colour- Al Bino
    • How it is used
    • Give e.g.
    • Explain your example in detail
    • Link it back to your argument
    • 2nd paragraph drawing the comparisons

    • Give your judgment
    • Prove that you have given your point of view.