Summary of Textese

Main Points:
• Textese is widely spreading between teenagers around the world.  
• People started to fear for the future of language worldwide.
• Teenagers and children use “Textese” as a way to communicate between one another.
• David Crystal believes that teenager’s texting is good for developing the English language.
• Children and teenagers can practice reading and writing English by texting.
• There have been research studies that showed people who use texting more tend to get higher literacy scores.
• Texting is a style of language.
• There are two types of languages one which explains the identity of the person, while the other is just the standard language.
• Texting is a social issue worldwide not a language issue.
In his article "Txting times," Alan Philps (2009) explains how texting is affecting languages all around the world. People started to feel the danger of textese on the English language and other languages as well. He explained the threat that textese between children and teenagers can have on the language in general. Textese is a new style in language in which teenagers had developed during the past years with the growth of mobile phones. He argues that teachers as well as parents are being concerned about the way their teenagers are communicating. They consider using textese eliminates the accurate way of using English language in communication. They believe that the language will decline in the future duo to texting. The author argues this claim by illustrating an argument for David Crystal, a professor of linguistics, in which he believes that texting is good for everyone. Also, texting has been used in most past generations and it improves language skills between people. This is duo to the fact that the more the individual use texting to more he/she tend to practice reading and writing the language such as English. There has been research studies showed that the more people tend to use texting the better their...