Summary and Analysis

Parent’s Don’t Let Your Young Girls Sabotage there future
In the article “When Bright Girls Decide That Math is “a Waste of Time”” by Susan Jacoby discusses how young girls chose to not take math and science and their parents let them. She talks about how this why, she feels, that they make this choice as well as how it effects there future. Ms. Jacoby brings out the fact that when girls start to pay attention to guys and want the guys to notice them, they fear that the guys will think they are too brainy. The young girls then chose not to go any further in math and science then they have to. Ms. Jacoby show how these choices limit their options in higher education. The author is hoping, by bring this trend to the for front, that parents will take notice and not allow their young girls to make these detrimental choices.
Over all I liked this article. One the points I found interesting was that parents seem to just to let young girls make these critical choices on their own. In the example the author used at the beginning of the article, the parents didn’t even blink an eye when their daughter came to them and said she was dropping math and science. I feel that it is important that parents be a part of these academic dissensions, as parents are job, as are kids get older is to advise and support and be involved in are children’s lives.
In another part of the article Ms. Jacoby discusses how in the early years girls test the same if not higher than boys in math and science, but that later on the scores drop dramatically for the girls. I had always thought this was because of the way girls brains develop, they were not equipped to do higher math and science. After reading this article and doing a little research on the side, I found that was just a myth I had been told. I found that the only reason boys are stronger in math and science is because they continue the pursuit for knowledge in these areas.
Another bit of information the author brought out and that I...