Summarize Types of Information That Should Be Made Available to Learners and Others Involved in the Assessment Process

Summarize types of information that should be made available to learners and others involved in the assessment process.

The information I make available to the learners would be:Time and date of assessment, provide learners with enough notice, structure of assessment classroom or practical assessment, venue, requirements of appeal procedure if faced with fail. Easy access to risk assessment to familiarize with all hazards related to our assessment. Familiarize them with emergency procedure of our facility if some unexpected occured. Related topic, I could provide them with valuable internet links where they found additional information or films and they will know what to expect. In additional I inform the learner that before test there will be pre test declaration form, where all attendees sign it to confirm that they are ready to test and no any complaints for helth and their feeling. Also they have to complete feedback forms whre everyone indicate marks how they evaluate our course, training preparednes, knowledge of assessor, venue caracteristic and their suggestions concerning cource improvement if they have some. Minimum pass score needed to achieve. I do it because all learners with different perception of information. Learners need to know what type of assessment will take place to be not surprised during.
  For the other involved in assessment process IQA and Centre they need to know where the assessment information is stored, have an access to topic related and assessment procedures, access to risk assessments, venue where assessmnet take place. IQA need to be sure that all information is up to date, all learners got induction and sign the attendance register. IQA controled that test paper handling procedure is followed as prescribed. IQA needs to consider how and when all material used and monitoring the quality of:Attendance records, programme outlines, session plan, handouts, slides or other audio visual material, guidance given, marking/assessment...