Success Is Challenging

Success is represented by anything that gives you a sensation of satisfaction, after accomplishing a goal, whether in the personal or professional aspect. People are always trying to succeed. They like the challenge just to prove their capability of getting what they want and also to be recognized. They do it looking for an improvement in their quality of life. If this is not the reason, then why do people want to be successful?

      I have always have fought for everything I have ever wanted: in my teen years, while in college until I graduated, and at work. Once I had a job as a Blood Bank Technologist in the United States of America (US), I felt such satisfaction   that I actually worked with joy. I looked forward to every day with such enthusiasm, happy that there was another day for me to do what I liked doing. I would perform my duties and also try to improve things within my boundaries. I would meet people that offered me employment and I would agree to it. I loved the responsibility, the novelty and sometimes the stress of managing my time when trying not to be late for work. So it happened that I ended up having three jobs! I live in Queens County and worked in two other different counties. At the beginning, the traveling factor was not that important to me since I liked my job. I said liked, but it does not mean I do not like it anymore. It just happens that I currently am experiencing certain unconformities at work that had gotten me thinking about my future and that is why I decided to move forward.

      One of the unconformities I attribute a lot of weight is the working hours. I am not opposed to work the 4-12 shifts if it was my regular shift to work. What is really wearing me off is the fact that I have to work the midnight to 8am shift for a week. The negative aspects of it are being showed to me every time I have to do it: Sleepless hours, misbalance in my inner clock and the forced perception of what the hours to rest are so my nights...