Task 1
A.   Ring the kettle bell. Schools back in. October 11, 2010 by James S. Fell Special in Los Angeles Times.
James Fell is an internationally trained respected fitness coach. He has his certification and 17 years of experience with free weights.   Fell has written an article in the Los Angeles Times about Jillian Michaels. Jillian Michaels is also a fitness coach with years experience and also hold a certification in fitness. Fell writes about Jillian’s Kettle bell techniques and he states, “…Michaels is not actually a real fitness trainer-she’s an actress playing the role.” (Fell, 2010). Fell believes Michael’s is preaching unsafe exercise techniques and making bogus weight loss claims on her workout DVD. He also stated “that she has never renewed her license”. (Fell, 2010). Michaels provided credentials as soon as the article was released.
Fell stated, “Professional trainers have literally hit the floor after witnessing her regular displays of poor techniques and unsafe training practices”. (Fell, 2010). Fell has been a trainer for 17 years and takes offense to her “Shred it with weights and Lose 5 pounds in 5 days”. Michaels believes her video does make you lose weight and believes her techniques are accurately taught. Fell is writing an article about a fitness trainer who is promoting weight loss and Kettle bell techniques. He is ridiculing her as a trainer because he can’t offer the same benefits. It’s a way to make him appear to be a better or smarter trainer.

B. When I go into the classroom I will leave my personal beliefs in my thoughts. My role as a teacher is to have the students learn different beliefs, thoughts, and know there are choices out there. They may come into the classroom believing only one thing or one way. I will not try to change their beliefs or thoughts, but teach them the choices they have. I will give the students options and make them think outside their box.   Here is an example of a student that came to me to tell me his...